Reference & Staff Information

Mary Lou Escobedo, Proprietor

    Mary Lou Escobedo has been working with kids in the Victoria area for many years. She started by working for VISD for 12 years as a paraprofessional. In this capacity she helped reinforced the concepts that were being taught in the classroom by assisting bilingual and special needs children with their work.

    Now, Ms. Mary (as she is known by the children) owns, operates and directs Mary’s Little Lambs Family Home Daycare. She opened the doors to Mary’s Little Lambs in 2000 with just five children. Over the years the daycare has grown and now serves as many as twelve children at any given time.

    Ms. Escobedo is both CPR and First-Aid certified. She has received training in everything from child management and development to the causes and prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). As part of her commitment to providing the families she serves the best care possible for their children she continues to learn about the newest innovations and trends in child care by attending many conferences, seminars, and trainings both locally and around the state. Ms. Mary is a member of both the Crossroad Professional Home Child Care Association and the Texas Professional Home Child Care Association.

    On a more personal note, Mary Lou has three grown children: Kason, Kristen, and Monica. She also has two grandchildren: Raelyn Starr and Jeremiah Noah. In her free time, Ms. Mary enjoys exercising swimming, dancing, reading and traveling.

    Other Training Areas:

    • Business Leadership
    • Caring for Children
    • Child Brain Development
    • Child Development, Behavior, Health & Safety
    • Child Interaction
    • Children With Special Needs
    • Children’s Nutritional Growth
    • Discipline & Guidance
    • Education Through Movement
    • Home Based Orientation
    • Menu Planning
    • Planning & Developing Learning Activities
    • Sanitation
    • Shaken Baby Syndrome
    • Staff Management

    Training Locations:

    • Citizen Medical Center
    • Family & Protective Services
    • Region III Education Service Center
    • Tick-Tock Training Seminars
    • Victoria College
    • VISD

Monica Escobedo, Staff Member

    Monica has been working with the daycare for two years. She has received training in CPR, First Aide, and Safety Environments. Monica is currently enrolled at Victoria College where she is pursuing a degree in interdisciplinary studies.

Updated: March 2, 2009